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Dr. Eric I. Degis is the founder of Functional For Life. For over 25 years, Functional For Life has helped active New Yorker's overcome their fitness related injuries. Our goal is simple: Diagnose and treat fitness related injuries and then help all of our patients get back to their fitness activities safely, efficiently, all the while avoiding surgery. A big part of our success revolves around working hand in hand with the fitness industry. From advanced education for personal trainers, to fitness re-integration strategies. The benefit of fitness re-integration is that it involves working with our patients Personal Trainers and advising them in their designing of fitness programming that allows for our patients to continue to be active. Our patients return to fitness activities better, stronger, and more knowledgeable than before they were injured. Functional For Life helps active New Yorkers stay active.

Upper Extremity Injuries:

1. Cervical Spine (Herniations/Spasm/Degenerative Changes)

2. Shoulder (Rotator Cuff Impingement/Bursitis/Post Surgical)

3. Elbow (Tennis/Golfers Elbow)

4. Wrist& Hand (Carpal Tunnel/Tendonitis/Sprains/Trigger finger)

Lower Extremity Injuries:

1. Lumbar Spine (Herniations/Sciatica/Facet Syndrome)

2. Hip (Labrum/Degeneration/Impingements/Bursitis)

3. Knee (Patella Femoral Tracking/Bursitis-Tendonitis/Chondromalacia)

4. Ankle & Foot (Tendonitis/Sprains/Plantar Fasciitis/Bunions)

*****If you Injured it in the gym or while exercising (Running/Cycling/Cross-Fit/Weight Training/Fitness classes/Yoga), and you want to make sure you understand why it happened and how to prevent it from happening again, then Functional For Life can help you get back to fitness safely.



Functional For Life

Dr. Eric I. Degis, MS, DC, SFMA, CSCS, ART

632 Broadway

HealthQaurters/Mt. Sinai

New York, NY 10012


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